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Printed circuit boards remind me of how I helped fund my university experience. Call and ask me how I spent four summers.

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 Stone Cold Software

embl.ca is a partner with Stone Cold Software.  Stone Cold specializes in web based league scheduling and member management software, focusing on the sport of curling.  Our suite delivers many modules; Registration, online billing/payments, member management, public web content managed by you, spare lists, rock reports, messaging - and our list keeps growing as our valued clients keep asking for more features.  Is your solution measuring up?

For more information, please visit Stone Cold Software's website:

You want to have a professional online presence, right?
It all starts with your domain name.

embl.ca is showcasing a Google Sites solution. Benefits include:
  • low or no cost hosting charges

  • leverage your domain name with your very own web address and email addresses

    www.embl.ca        contactus@embl.ca        me@embl.ca

  • manage your site's content with push button publishing

  • create a one stop landing area for your social media links, blogs, affiliates or whatever else is floating your digital boat

  • brand your identity with logos, smart design and photos

As of December 6, 2012, Google no longer allows free sign ups for their Google Apps. Feel free to set yours up today, or contact us if you would like some help.